The single version of song was Licensed by South African label “Deep Fam Records” but will be removed and so now open to becoming a part of another label.

Riki Buckingham is a talented, independent musician, vocalist, song-writer on a dedicated spiritual path to share impactful, conscious and uplifting music. He has been creating his own material since the tender age of 15, with a prolific back catalogue of his own original recordings. His style and musical feeling has matured and blossomed into his own unique signature sound.

His vocals are round, warm and soulful. They come from the heart with an honesty and openness that is rarely seen these days. Musically his work has elements of funk, soul, blues, progressive and Jazz and has influences from other countries mainly in flamenco, Bossanova and eastern styles.

His latest material is themed around a greater love and care toward planetary consciousness & human evolution. Inspiring listeners to create positive change in their own lives and consider different choices to help the world at large. Using the power of music to take them on a felt, audible journey, to explore the multi-dimensionality of spirit and be moved by the Rythmic Alchemy intended in his productions.
Daxtonbury Festival 2022

Riki is a natural improviser; no two gigs are the same! He plays everything with feeling and the energy of the moment !
Bass – Laurence Cummins , Guitar – Graeme Lennox-Gordon

Riki loves to jam and create something new from the mixture of peoples’ abilities – he tends to bring the best out in other musicians, giving them space and energy to express. He has an impressive back-catalogue of collaborations/jams with other musicians and solo projects. His solo work has included simple and beautifully melodic pieces, through to full band-style pieces where he has recorded all the instruments himself. Please note though that gigs he does while travelling are solo acoustic unless you can provide other musicians for him to work with! 🙂

Glastonbury Tor




What others say

The following are from those who have worked with Riki
Mike Puskas

Mike Puskas


"Riki has a delicate and vulnerable sensibility that he utilizes every time he approaches collaborating on a new musical piece with either the 7th Sense or with MILE. This gives each new song a unique value that really touches if not reprograms the human heart and that is incredibly rare in my book.

As a 26 year veteran of the music industry I know quality talent when I see it or more importantly feel it. So If someone wants to really connect with a more liberated sense of self expression that6 music affords as a powerful language then you can't ho passed working with Riki Buckingham"

Kathrin Atkinson

Kathrin Atkinson

Awakening Soul

“I have had the good fortune to know Riki for about 12 years now. In that time I have seen him grow into a very competent and compassionate healer. He is one of the rare individuals who truly ‘walk their talk’.

Riki’s passion about raw foods and eating to stay in balance and resonance with Mother Earth and ones own Spiritual/Soul-knowing is beautiful and inspiring, as well as truly life-changing and health-enhancing. If you are wishing to (for example) break past addictions, heal from health complaints or raise your vibration to new levels, his understanding in these areas is invaluable.

Aside from the food and well-being understanding Riki has, he is also a powerful empath and intuitive. He picks up on psychic messages, often from a persons wounded soul-aspects, to help understanding, healing and reconciliation. Personally, he has helped me deeply in understanding, coming to terms with, and processing past trauma that had resulted in complex post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms for many years. His ability to compassionately hold space for difficult emotions to be seen, acknowledged or expressed has been truly helpful and Soul-affirming. I am very grateful for his love and his support.

I am happy, and honoured, to recommend him if you would like some insight into your life situation, advice on how to live in a higher vibration or a trustworthy companion whilst you venture through difficult areas of your life and Soul-path experiences.

He is a beautiful person with a deep commitment to bringing truth, empowerment and healing onto this troubled planet. His music is also very powerful and healing and helps raise the vibration wherever he is playing. I recommend listening to that too especially if you are unable to work with him one-to-one.

I wish him much love and blessings as he brings his gifts to help others now. He is a true friend to have on your journey.”

Phil Taylor (Rock Solid Talent Entertainment)

Phil Taylor (Rock Solid Talent Entertainment)

Record Label founder

"Riki is an AMAZING singer/songwriter/musician and an amazing producer. Riki has a fantastic ability for composing and producing music with a unique style. Riki is a great artist!!"


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