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Offering inspired sacred music for special occasions, rites of passage, weddings, christenings, funerals, end of life visits and other personalised spiritual gatherings.

Sara and I came together in Glastonbury last summer 2021 with a shared vision and loving hearts, we began to share our passion and open up musically together which has inspired a greater mission to share with the world..

We can work as a duo to offer our blend of healing music, which is described as ranging from beautifully atmospheric to uplifting and fun depending on the setting and needs of the occasion.

Sara works with alchemy crystal singing bowls and choral sounding vocals described as angelic, source led, and powerfully moving.

Riki has warm, open, and deeply soulful vocals, with rhythmic guitar adding in vibrancy,  unique and distinct in sound and character coming from his passion to serve God and life.

Our intentions are to bless the space with reverence and honour. Our shared love bringing the people together in common unity, through the love of music.

We aim to help our audience open up to the authentic spirit within in order to come into a space of deeper peace, contemplation and inner joy making this a perfect music for all kinds of events.

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