Riki Buckingham

Visionary Singer/songwriter, performer & improvisational guitarist
New material out now on all music platforms

“The world needs Riki Buckingham’s music to enliven, awaken and touch every soul ..pure emancipation!”

Riki Buckingham is a talented, independent musician, vocalist, song-writer on a dedicated spiritual path to share impactful, conscious and uplifting music. He has been creating his own material since the tender age of 15, with a prolific back catalogue of his own original recordings. His style and musical feeling has matured and blossomed into his own unique signature sound.

His vocals are round, warm and soulful. They come from the heart with an honesty and openness that is rarely seen these days. Musically his work has elements of funk, soul, blues, progressive and Jazz and has influences from other countries mainly in flamenco, Bossanova and eastern styles.

His latest material is themed around a greater love and care toward planetary consciousness and human evolution.

Inspiring listeners to create positive change in their own lives and consider different choices to help the world at large. Using the power of music to take them on a felt, audible journey, to explore the multi-dimensionality of spirit and be moved by the Rhythmic Alchemy intended in his productions.

Latest Songs

Take A Different Path
New album promo
Sunrise recording session
Mike Puskas

“Riki has a delicate and vulnerable sensibility that he utilizes every time he approaches collaborating on a new musical piece with either the 7th Sense or with MILE. This gives each new song a unique value that really touches if not reprograms the human heart and that is incredibly rare in my book.

As a 26 year veteran of the music industry I know quality talent when I see it or more importantly feel it.
So If someone wants to really connect with a more liberated sense of self-expression that music affords as a powerful language then you can’t go past working with Riki Buckingham”

Phil Taylor (Rock Solid Talent Entertainment)
Record Label founder

“Riki is an AMAZING singer/songwriter/musician and an amazing producer. Riki has a fantastic ability for composing and producing music with a unique style. Riki is a great artist!!”

Contact – rikibuckingham@gmail.com


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