I’ve noticed its the pure souls, you know the gentle kind who often get attacked in life through various means, although saying that I must say that upon further investigation I have found that I have seen the light and beauty in every person (beyond my filter and judgments) I have met.

But it almost seems as though certain individuals have a hard time in this world and a lot of those are gifted.

I’ve noticed it’s with the loss of faith that a person’s light becomes dim and becomes obscured by the clouds, it is almost as if the demon has whisper in the ear that there is something wrong with you, that you wont succeed, your not good enough, that things wont change, But I know Its all FEAR and LIE’S all Lies.

God is stronger than those things


It is when we cast darts of shame we do more damage than can be seen, this is why I never feel the right to feel I should judge how anyone else should live, we are all diferent and we ALL bring value to this life so its not my place.

If when we condone the behaviour without stopping to even understand or help another
When we cast those out who we deem to be undesirable without even asking why.
Failing to see that there is always a reason

I truly feel that god or our higher self has a plan for us all so who are we to judge how that path looks for someone else ?

and what for the difficult life experiances ?

We cannot always stop our children or our friends from having unpleasant experiances and there is only so much we can do, sometimes we learn a lot from those things, they teach us grace and compassion. So while we cannot save anyone we can certainly be there at various times, I some times wish I had angel powers though!

One day I dream of true community in the world where when someones flame is going out we recognise it and we all rally to support that person for when someone is sinking in the grips of hell it is in the power of the group of bright souls who can help that soul feel loved wanted apreciated and welcomed back into life.

We all long to belong to feel we contribute to this world and we do.

We are all of value

From the homlesss to the rich we are all worthy

We are in this together and we MUST stand together for the future of humanity.

May the angels/ancestors protect all tonight

And please remember that your heartfelt wishes are always heard by GOD.

Keep the faith and I will too

❤ Riki


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