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Riki Buckingham & Mike Puskas 2021 Common Solution, Technology, Genetic Manipulation, Healing

Working with the shadow self

Food, Parasites, and growing food with pure intention, the effects our intention has on plants.

Worthiness, shame, punishment, and entity doorways

Gray ET’s, Technology timelines, and the need to be in our power in order to mess with high technologies, Genetic manipulation, etc

The need for Discernment, the illusions of being distracted away from our internal knowing/source and into gathering information from AI, Media, etc

The tapestry of life and the need to face ALL that we have ignored and forgotten to make peace with it, including past lives and the history of mankind, Atlantis, World Wars… Unresolved trauma in the psyche and genetics.

Dependency and our need to be fulfilled (filling the void with distractions and addictions)

Emotional sensitivity and the benefits of its guidance when we are balanced.
Rebirthing the heart


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