Thought I would share this from Gigi Young for those who feel the call to look into the following!

2:50 Start (intro)
PDF Guide Images:…
5:15 Spirituality in a Cosmic Society
11:45 What is a Timeline?
Breakaway Civilizations Video:
20:05 Positive & Negative Timelines & Their Civilizations
24:20 Awakening DNA & Human Evolution
27:50 Isis Rising: (Cosmic Consciousness & Circuitry)
33:05 Past Lives, Initiations & DNA Activation
38:50 External DNA Manipulation
50:13 The Divergent Timeline & The Organic Timeline
1:06:39 What is the “Divergent Timeline”?
1:07:54 The Grey ET’s as an Embodiment of the Divergent Timeline (Anti-Christ Stream)
1:27:21 What Groups Today Evolved to Be The Greys?
1:33:33 What Beings Can Initiate Humanity?
1:40:10 Greys Want To Introduce Themselves As Saviours
1:41:20 What Is An Organic Timeline?
1:47:30 Isis Rising: Planets as Spheres of the Earth:
1:54:10 Our Sun as The Frequency of Completed Initiation/Perfected Consciousness (The 5d stargate)
1:56:10 The Christ Stream’s Culture of Symbiosis With Minerals and Technology
1:58:45 Comparing & Contrasting Organic & Divergent TImelines
2:03:48 Question: Was the Anti-Christ Force Present in Atlantis?
2:06:58 Question: What Can We Do To Align With The Christ Stream?
2:10:30 Internal vs. External Forces As The Primary Force of Human Evolution
2:13:50 Zecharia Sitchin
2:17:33 Madam Blavatsky, Theosophy & Ancient Humanity’s Evolution
2:24:20 Is It True That Et’s Hybridize Humanity So That It Can Evolve?
2:27:30 Nephilim
2:35:30 Hybridization & Terraforming Worlds
2:37:45 Myth: Jesus Is A Hybrid
2:42:06 Myth: The Immaculate Conception Was Immaculate Due To Et Interference
2:49:30 Krishna & The Christ Stream
2:52:22 Does The Grey’s Stealing DNA Evolve Them?
2:59:00 At Which Point Do We Stop Calling Ourselves Human (Pleiadian, Artcuriuan, Sirian etc)
3:02:55 How To Use Anger As a Positive Force
3:07:50 How Long Can Organic & Divergent Timelines Exist?
3:16:51 Christ & Lucifer
Reference: Rudolf Steiner: Lucifer and Ahriman, Man’s Responsibility for the Earth…
3:21:25 How to Be Compassionate Towards People In The Anti-Christ Stream?
3:29:15 The Divergent, Anti-Christ Timeline, Fear & The Heart Center
Development Of The Emotional Body: “Venus”
3:44:10 The Diversity of Psychics
Lunar & Solar Psychic Abilities:
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