We need a clarity and focus that is solid that last longer than a post on a Facebook wall.

(Emotionally charged post warning: 😀

We need an energy of truth and soul which is SOLID.

Because what’s going to happen next on the planet needs STRONG women and men to come forward and stand up for our fucking planet! There is no time left… Tick rock tick tock.. we are well into the tipping point.

We need a humanity in it’s power able to take control, to be sober enough to make changes and create the kind of world we wish to see. That is our responsibility as a collective and with grace, we ALL have a part to play in a bright and beautiful future. ☀️

The system is run by maniac nutters who lost connection to the inherent wisdom which lay within us all, a wisdom which we remember when we connect with nature and leave consumeristic central behind! that world is DEAD, it’s gone and it’s going nowhere! It’s time to move on now! It is time to share, to care to build bigger more solid communities all across the country that last longer and fulfil deeper than any fake vanity egoic led bullshit (lol.mouthful)

We now need grassroots pulling together to replace the dog eat dog empty void never satiated westernised consumeristic mentality.

I don’t fully know the way forward I just feel it deep inside, I will be working with my intuition the next days to try and feel out ways forward in my own personal life with this situation but I know we cannot submit our power and rights away as fellow people of the earth to psychopaths and those led by fear giving power away to the wrong technologies as if they are the saviour.

This planet should be led by sane and loving people who at least treat others as equal to themselves, as for the system we are not robots to be used for financial gains! To feed an outdated system.

I believe that all so-called negative experiences have a gem to be extracted and have something positive to bring, the elders have said “everything is medicine” so let us find that gem within this current situation we all face.
This virus real or not is now something which affects us ALL and maybe that’s exactly what we need to really pull together and think about what we truly want on this planet and see the consequences of our actions.

Let us use this experience to make us STRONGER not bash and undermine each other! NO MORE! no more judgement no more people bashing.. No more petty division (all distraction tactics to take our eye of the goal) Come together, return to nature, live simply and humbly, be grateful and let life be life and love be love. <3 be custodial of this planet, be a tender of the garden.

Those with ? fire in the heart and true warrior strength must return. This is the time where the true heart of humanity must lead the way out of the jungle of deception and believe me the deception is going on within our own minds and energy fields, through deep mind control (astral and this dimension) and programs of trauma perpetuated down the generations. All unhealed until now.

WE are the ones to do the work to clear ourselves of all of this to be clear, to be focused, to be rational, to be driven by the soul, not the pains and fears which led generation after generation astray ….

Humanity must now see clearly the way out of its own destruction, we all have a piece of the puzzle of life and together we are more powerful than any of our leaders.. than any controlling force be that from this dimension or the others.

It is time to stop giving power to a system which is ILL. We are talking the spirit of man regaining control of the lands the people rising and the tyranny ending, it must happen within ourselves and in the external world.

There is a battle going on on this planet and its about time we humans realised again just how fucking strong we can be.

This is no longer the select few who must do the work.. It is all of us we must ALL begin to work together doing what we do best ? to bring the people of this planet back into balance and true alignment with universal law (the only true law)

The clock has reached the time… The time To wake from ALL negative programming

We are strong beyond the numbing
We are strong beyond the fear tactics
We have so much to bring
We are humanity and

I love you
I believe in you
Dream BIG and make it for the good of all.
Be well

If this makes sense to you.. Your likes will show me who is with me because this is a time for SOLID connections with TRUE INTENTIONS.
The universe responds to true intentions..no longer can ego or illusions move us forward no longer can selling ourselves short by being false/fake or our drive to successes be put above a more noble and higher goal which is to help this planet.

I know a lot of people don’t use faceypoo but Just interests to see, who will like my post.
I will not be writing many soon
(first time I’ve ever asked people to like something lol)





No longer is waking up and being lucid for a select few it is for EVERYONE!!! * !!!

God bless

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