Minimalism and Rebirth in 2020, How much stuff do you really need? (Riki & Mike Livestream Pocast)


So its a new moon in Aquarius and as the planetary transit of this mutable sign asks no permission to be true to it’s nature or compromise it’s value system, we thought it was a perfect opportunity to Have Riki Buckingham (UK) lead the Livestream this week. This detailed account of adopting a minimalist approach to your life while both the Sun and Moon are in Aquarius and as there is no reflection between the two it’s a dark moon; and so it’s a rather intshadowense wake up call to look deep within and face, acknowledge and reconcile the relationship you have with your dark shadow self.

What your imagining, calibrating and manifesting here is an intentional life. Its not a perfect life and it’s not an easy way for many but it’s a simple life and it makes way for so much more of the higher octave of your truth to occupy space in an otherwise over crowded construct. So look at everything you have and answer yourself honestly, do I need it, is it bringing my life value and is it intentional to serve a higher purpose to manifest harmony and happiness?… and if not then let it go! This is what humans and even the Transhuman experience has the hardest issue dealing with. How to recognise stuff and it’s inherent value or no value to the greater self expression of harmony in your life.

To acknowledge the concept of Minimalism is to recognise your right to rebirth. Just like the ancients and their sacred practice of death and rebirth Aquarius is forcing us to make changes that will complete the transformational process of no longer being, “The Affected” but rather to be the “The Affector” To understand this very simple approach to life in the 3D is to experience taking your power back and holding your sacred Soverign space in the world.

Riki and I go into the deeper recesses of what it means to release responsibility and agenda to allow the Universe to recognise the “hard work of interdependence” that your practicing and draw event streams and pleasurable experiences outside the time bound reality to support this conscious transition in the NOW! Now one thing that becomes increasingly clear with this new moon and the full moon coming up in Leo on Feb 9th is that this is no dress rehearsal for the next phase of the Saturn Pluto conjunction. We have had plenty of practice to release and surrender all that no longer serves our highest good and attain a level of mastery over our distorted emotional output signal. We should all know what we perceive to be real in the new timeline, and what is still part of the masquerade of the old mutant paradigm and the outdated language, patterning and expression of the last decade.

To this end I personally was inspired to write a 2020 Opus on the Immersive nature of the Saturn / Pluto conjunction as a gift to all humanity and you can read it and if inspired, download the PDF at the link below. So stop the niggle and playing the victim card and show up these next weeks to contribute to a highly expansive new you….energy follows intention and the intention is liberating self from what you think YOU actually need in this life to feel whole.

Mikes 2020 Opus

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