I feel more comftable when I’m sleeping on what atleast apears to be no mans land, it feels as though people are not or would not be so bothered that you are sleeping there and as a result have a deeper sleep.
Its nice to be away from traffic noise with only the sounds of nature!

When a good quality of sleep is kept up, good rest, good food and self nurturing the whole experience seems much more enjoyable.

In order to avoid making mistakes being alert and in the zone certainly helps, so over time I’ve understood to sleep when it gets dark and wake when it’s light really makes most sense.

I truly believe that to live a life with a multitude of varying life experiences is a good way to live, but perhaps its the Gemini in me that never did want stagnation and loves to have stimulation in the form of connection with others and various life experiences to keep one interested!

While it can be said there are various ways of living that are known to enhance the lives of men and women, nobody can claim the right way to live and I think that’s the beauty of this life. It’s no longer about what’s right or wrong but what is appropriate and needed in any moment, month or year. Diversity is a good thing!
It is fear that does not all ways allow that, to not be limited by fear becomes a lovely place to be in yet a life challenge in itself.

I have found that to be dynamic is to live, to bend with rather than fight with life, to mirror and echo the great mysteries of nature in which all is a flow and dance of utter beauty if only our perception are in the place to recognize it, here we find the balance between order and chaos, rigidity and fluidity and know that all things have their place, this is perhaps one of the understandings from our ancient civilizations.

I partly left the comfort of home and security in order to feel alive to feel what it is to not cling to anything, a force of change.

Today I asked myself what is success and the truth of me already knows that for me it is being able to take all that has been experienced to date, even the struggles and turn it into something golden and yet still bring the gifts we came to earth to bring.
It is hoped that the accumulation of experiences are enough to amount to something truly beautiful and in that space even the most painful experience inspire us and are truly appreciated. now that’s a lovely place to be in, gratitude for all that is! Because we have truly come to terms with all things and extracted the gifts and lessons from them! Wow! Perhaps that takes time and perhaps that is what becoming an adult is 🙂

As the older generations of my Grandma and Nan did, they made use of what they could. They learnt to make something good from a dire situation, becoming empowered. Although I’m sure at the time in the depths of war it didn’t quite feel like that!

There is a wish to mature into a well balanced and self contented individual yet not become too serious, to be happy in ones own skin, to not need to change others and to succeed with ease.

But perhaps the most important asset for this life that I have found is to have that fighting spirit, now don’t get me wrong we are not talking about fighting against what we don’t want but rather the the fight with the very fire of the spirit that wells up from within to bring justice, forward momentum and positive change in ones life.
It is the fire that never looses faith, an energy so passionate and full of life that is a life long guiding light. With this light and energy part of us never gives up, what we reap we sow and so we know that the positive actions of today will take us somewhere beautiful tomorrow.
Here we see our power to create atleast partially our future, we know we can shift our timelines and forge forward toward our destiny or even just allow ourselves to fall into the magnetic pull of our destiny with ease and grace.

A lot of the older generation who grew up with the ideas of nuclear war and so on have had the feeling as though things may just end up becoming dire on this beautiful planet and that there is not much hope, yet when I feel into it in most cases it was the very heart of those people who had become deflated, colouring the very outlook on life, in the last few years this had begun to change as we see a multitude of technologies and other ideas to help the planet.

I guess in some way there is a naive childlike essence inside me which still sees the beauty of life, but also in reality it is this fire within the spirit that will when push comes to shove fight for what’s right, on this planet and for me its that very feeling and energy I appeal to within my music to help that energy rise like a Phoenix within them.
Would you stand and protect the last tree ? Do you feel that protection like a mother for her children ? Even children have that fighting spirit and in some ways often a lot more than the adults. You see in my opinion it is our attitude that is the make or break for the future of our human timeline and it is perhaps in being able to see the light, a light, the guiding light of the soul that there is salvation. Equally if we give up then its so easy to drop, to feel our actions have no consequence.
I truly feel one of the highest paths for a musician to travel is the one of inspiring self belief and positive energy into listeners, reminding them of what they can do and we know so many who have done this over the decades! It is a gift to have that kind of talent.

I guess you could say that I plan to go through this life with my soul intact, with the vibrancy of life, possibility, positivity embraced. Yet the lessons of pain, difficulty and challenges resolved, integrated and healed.
All of which would be expressed through the medium of music that we humanity love so dearly, perhaps because of in many cases with music, such authenticity, realness and sometimes purity of emotion speaks directly to the heart.

Our pains and most difficult experiences “can” become our ally, humanities ever increasing need to find balance and sustainability for ourselves and the planet “can” become our friend and bring us together, our evolution and in fact our humanity’s coming together for a common higher goal is what I see, so for those of us who feel the calling we must let ourselves become part of that conscious river.

As with trauma it is not that bad things happen that’s the problem on earth but how we deal with, understand and get support for it. how, if we come through it with love help and support.
There is a positive in all things as is the situation on the planet right now 🙂

So really when we look at it isn’t it beautiful here we are fastly approaching 2020 and herin lies our opportunity for humanity to really advance and come together using what appears to be a planetary crisis. Where if we play our cards right the potential for evolution is massive and would be praised and heralded by generations to come. Perhaps even in other galaxies. Why not ? Yes it can be that powerful we can bring such beauty such positive change that it ripples out for eons..Never think that your actions however small amount to nothing much..There is this idea floating around as though we are insignificant..Well my soul says don’t believe it 😀 no good deed is insignificant 🙂 It’s all possible anything we dream of and put our focus into is possible and that’s the kind of spirit I wish to keep up into old age.. Hooray ! Success

I truly believe we all have and carry parts of the answers needed, from the children to the elders. WE.. Humanity are beautiful and that’s the way I choose to look at it not with self loathing as I hear from many, saying “we are a parasite that needs to be destroyed” but from the perspective that we have a lot we can learn and do to move forward..I have faith in us and I have yet to meet a human with a “bad” soul.. Most of us want the good of all yet many don’t know how to go about it, that’s all .. We are learning.

So I say we have to have faith in humanity, respect for where we are at.. The solutions are there 🙂 come together <3

I believe … And for me destiny is calling.


Photos from south Spain

P.S. : I saw a lovely shooting star tonight!

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