If we could see the true history of our species and tap into our ancestral knowing, no longer would the mundane hold the weight that it does to distract and cause drama in our life.. the magic beyond this veil of amnesia would inspire, uplift and push us to evolve forward at an accelerated pace.

As far as I can tell there is a great depth and ancient wisdom on this planet, yet in our normal consciousness we do not perceive it that way and the magic of life is that little less vivid than it would be.

To the Ant this tree is massive and vast and this is how the universe and the depth of ages is to us humans..vast, we only really remember and tap into a small portion of it all but what if those memories could slowly return to us ?

As we grow older the pieces of jigsaw information and experiences we have learnt come together and its possible to have a better understanding of why the things that happened in our life did and to read the deeper message and lesson behind them. This way we can move on and truly evolve as a human 🙂

If this is a universe of infinate potential then its pretty possible that as we learn and grow through layers of experience (rather than stagnate in life) we go deeper and open into that infinite potential as the layers peel away and the truth beyond is revealed.

Perhaps we really are as expansive as the universe and perhaps all previous experience is there to tap into and call data/memories from, for me it seems so.

Sometimes In a healing session past life memories will and do come up, sometimes ancient experience or understanding also comes forward.

It is in clearing our own traumas that we make way for the next layers to come. As each layer is taken away our overall vibration raises and we are then able to see beyond the veil of illusions and fears present here on the earth plane and we move more into the more higher states of being.

Love to all


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