Essence Of You

Today I Felt ..You an unknown presence
with you bringing the essence of flowers
while I was sat in this darkened room
a unknown smell did enter my senses

Without any Resistance the grace moved Me
to open the curtains and let in the light!
Looking out I knew you …Were oh so far away
yet your presence I felt so close

you seemed such a delicate soul
just like the music that you had sent me
music that was now dancing with my ears
still I sensed that nothing would break you!

Your heart a treasure
Buried Deep where no man could see
but perhaps indeed I did have the key
and all I would have to do was … be me

Now I knew of this sweet smell
with the sight of lush flowing grass all around
and the sunlight shining all in your hair
I did glow too and gently part it there

you I can’t ignore but truly adore
Perhaps your an imagination in the mind of me
but now I bring myself close to you
your spirit here moving all around me

and I cannot help but Kiss

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Kaylee Jewel · April 20, 2020 at 7:38 am

That is Beautiful..
Unknown presence..
Of flowers hey?!
Mmm… Flowers

Love, Jewel


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