As I sit here night becomes day and day turns to night
the season’s change and just like yesterday winter comes
in my solitude, I dream of a not too distant time
where I go to a place I like. a miniature heaven
my dreams grab hold of me and ultimately become my let down
For I fail to see this place I wish to be is here with me.

This place here vibrant and full of colour and energy forever changing all around me
Am I blind to it ? why does the beauty escape me ?
as I dive deeper into the depths of my mind.
In search of an answer, I am fooled by the joker that is this MIND.
Time and time again I am fooled and many a man will be fooled again.

As time goes by the need to love and be loved grows
what is this feeling inside ..That not even the most beautiful of words can describe?
a selfless feeling a feeling that I am ready to share and no longer need to hold onto anything that may satisfy my own selfish needs.

I am now here a Man born from the creator
Born to live my own existence
In this illusion of separateness … Finally the ultimate truth I do see
that I am in fact one with the creator and all that is.
I glance into the great horizon and am filled with Peace
I then look at the stars and am filled with joy … knowing I am the creator
Looking at the creator Born with eye’s so that I may see myself!



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