When we make negative self destructive choices, we dont just effect us but us, those around us, our children and beyond. Its so important to make positive life-affirming choices IF this is what you are choosing to do If your on a path of healing that is. We are a living web of life what we do affects the whole. We are responsible for ourselves but in some way responsible for humanity, our actions now determine the quality of the future now.
I think the modern world has an access and its about to burst. 1 year, 5years, 20 years. its comming…more and more people are not happy with this way of life.
Every choice we make effects the future timelines, we are litteraly creating and moving into another future with each choice, so ..in my opinion it matters which choices we make now in our daily life. there are those which empower us and those which further degenerate us and the future generations.
I think if we really knew what was going on on the planet right now we would see an epidemic but were kept asleep and led off path, blinded from the truth. Knowing whats truly happening will help humanity evolve. At some point ill be sharing some pretty interesting information about what I have experianced is going on on the planet (not from outside sources, internet etc but that me and Katy have expeiranced the last 8 years) I cant share this yet because I am not strong enough to take the punishment and attack that would follow. so for now I remain quiet until im strong enough.
never underestimate breathwork for healing, regenerating and helping the body release, tension and trauma.
Keep buying stuff people ..forget about the planets destruction just look this way at the shiny toys while we lull you to sleep…forget forget forget ..forget why you came to earth forget your power ..here watch this, drink this, eat this buy this smoke this wear this talk like this don’t question this …HUMANITY..your planet is being slowly destroyed while we slowly poison your minds your bodies until you reach the point where you’d rather be zoned out while the last tree is destroyed.. I wish in a way we were back in the 70s when things like this were just another cynical hippie speech.. look people we are ALL responsible for helping wake this planet up as our choices every day even the little ones either further lead to destruction or to health and healing. With things like DNA manipulation on the scene and robotic technology and genetics and all the crazy shit going on ..we need to really think. The time has come where humanity can play god and this has to be done by people who we respect and trust and who are balanced and who put health healing wellbeing and the future of our planet at all costs number one. Humanity at the moment is acting from a very low level of awareness we are going round literally cut off from our truth and higher self focused only on survival levels and ego. This cannot and will not sustain…the system will self destruct. There are many things on a day to day basis that are bothering me..too many to mention One is that just going out into a town or anywhere where people are around 95% look ill, ground down deflated in the heart, medicated ..bad skin..etc the list goes on. Children even babies look ill…children’s diets are awful and what they are fed only further leading to the weakening and demise of the human species, it’s no wonder many can’t concentrate at school The food we are eating and the amount of salt and sugar they are eating is literally on the level of poison..our farmed foods are full of pesticides ..less is being done in the name of love but in the name of money money money and our society’s progress has become like a cancer eating at the heart. But let’s see obviously it takes years for the effects to build..think about all that crappy food In a body into adulthood and on ..not to mention the booze the drugs the smoking the TV etc etc were all so used to it and its fun to begin with. . Yet We are weakening our bodies and systems for not just us but generations to come. Now it might all sound a bit mad. Second to breathe………. buy one pizza get one free at ads everybody!! Woohooo pizza doh. Fuck saving the world. Look ..we are all beautiful people at heart ..but thats the problem we are gullible and most of us easily taken for a ride..we have been taken for a ride a long time now but we have the power to change things. It’s not easy to choose this path but someone has to do it somebody has to say I’ll be there.. I’ll be there defending that last tree ..yet if we all pool together that will never happen. A balanced and mentally healthy humanity free of traumas and spirit attachments etc will make many sound life afirming choices….so We are calling for a change . not via politicians not via media or celebrities but by you and you and me and so I ask that we may all see each other clearly and that all lies made to seperate and isolate us from one another be seen..that the veil be lifted for all to see who’s been controlling this game as once we all see it the world and it’s people will never be the same…freed from the tyranny…delusion etc. There is so much to learn,so much to understand. Let’s not fuck it up now humanity.
Every day in hundreds of ways we feed the beast and I don’t just mean darkness I mean the corperate bulshit and consumerism thats destroying this world. there will come a time when we have to change…
Hmm shall I have a red sofa or a slightly darker red sofa hmmmm shall we leave the EU or stay within the EU. I think I’d rather compare shades of the same color sofa than spend endless debate on the EU subject. There are many choices that will effect what happens on this planet much more we are all making those choices every day. Choices that bring this planet further into destruction or those that bring it on path to a better and brighter future. Ok let’s all go back to choosing what colour of sofa we need 🙂
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