No point blaming the government for problems all is happening is we sit back giving a vote hoping it’s going to do something instead of getting off our bloody arse and doing something ourselves 🙂 lol For instance plastic bags, some of us want them gone and we Moan about it then go buy some at the shop lol. WE are all responsible for turning this planet around WE make the demand for the products in our society… If we stop buying plastic bags, if we stop buying crappy food there will be less demand for it and it will begin to exist less and less. We are creating our reality and the ideas and beliefs we are told from the moment we are born get in those lovely brains of ours and effect the rest of our life!!!! Unless we go change it! We are so caught in the lie that I’s this so called reality that it’s hard to see another way another option, so we stay stuck, like eastenders and coronation Street in dramas and episodes which are repeat bloody performance!!! DOH!! Nobody else is going to sort ourselves out or the planet lol no matter how many times one watches the news or elections. We have the power as guardians of the planet and each other to do our fucking job. 🙂 so let’s fucking do it!!! Alright mate Nuff said Bed!
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