Soon will be the time of the new dawn the new awakened planet, it cant be stopped no matter how much the dark force try to control things on this planet we humanity will rise up and claim sovereignty over our own emotions, body and mind. We will return back to a place of respect for mother nature we will at the new dawn whenever that is remember who we are. There will be the global awakening and the realization that we have been asleep and deliberately dis-empowered taken away from our earth and our birthright. For those of you giving up or doubting TRUST. Humanity is going to turn things around. The time of what I call the New Dawn is coming. When we wake up and it will be global it will be a day of celebration it’s going to be amazing we will truly feel we are in paradise! Which we already are! For those of you who think I’m nuts. The ones in control want you to believe that anyone bringing a message of truth is mad or insane…. it’s a lie. You have been made to feel like people on a spiritual path are a bit nuts this is a program designed to keep you away from your truth. They the dark force plus our government plus media etc do not want us to wake up. It’s all about keeping us asleep drone like and dis-empowered. If we were empowered we would be living very different lives right now. Our life’s in the modern world have become like scripts that we live out they are becoming more and more devoid of soul yet we are so much more. We all came to earth with so much to bring. For a long time now humanity has been kept under a cloud a cloud of lower consciousnesses a cloud of pain addiction denial. It was never our faults we are good people and we’ve all taken the blame for what the dark force has done. Many of us at this time are here to help steer the planet in the right direction away from the path of destruction this is your mission you know who you are . The entities and beings who created this slave like system within us on this planet at this time will in time have no power and as a result we will have much more control over our lives our addictions our choices we will be creating a world that’s much more in harmony. It’s time for the truth to be known and it will be. Namaste Clear sight to all.


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