People often say in spiritual circles to let go of your story, of what’s happened to you and who you think you are. But make sure not to deny and ignore your story for it may have valuable lessons to teach you. Once learnt from making us a stronger person only then will we truly have dropped and be free of that story. Comming to a place of peace. I’ve heard in the past a lot of people who were smoking pot drinking a lot and generally avoiding life say they are free of any issues. Most of them had not dealt with but were still running away. They need the most help but will asure you all is well if you just keep running, push it to one side every day. Those same people years later if they find a way out of the denial wonder what kind of dream they were in and what happened. Often its not just too much drug taking drinking etc that causes such a problem but trauma mixed in. So anyways a big hug to all those suffering with trauma or difficult to deal with life. If you try you will come through it. The accounts of abuse comming to the surface now is starting to show things are changing. its no longer seen as a good idea for people who go thru scary situations to have to hide it and suffer in silence. As we know those people need someone to talk to and the people who have not gone thru need the experience of learning compassion. If we can’t tell anyone when such big things happen in our life. How are we expected to mature as a society and species ?


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