Lovely Cumbria


on the way to castlerigg

We had an amazing sunset on the way up to Castlerigg!



Castlerigg with flowers

As soon as we got to Castlerigg there was a really great atmosphere there which is very hard to describe but I knew inside then that this is the type of place I like to be, away from society and wrapped up and surrounded in nature! Up there you feel kind of protected there are hills all around and its easy to imagine a group of us in old times all gathered together with fires singing chants etc.


Amazing Castlerigg

Castlerigg Stone Circle

We were really feeling a vibe!

Castlerigg Stone Circle

Caslterig stone circle in the early morning

Caslterig stone circle in the early morning

Just had to get a pic of this one!

Me! looking odd!

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