Along with the loss of the spiritual side in many parts of the world, something else has been lost, although many human may seem kind of animal, we’ve not been in touch with our true animalistic side, think of a wolf and the quality’s it has. They have a kind of dignity and honor between them, they will defend but not attack unless necessary. There is an understanding between the animals that many humans cross the line.


A lion has a true sense of Pride, many of the human race are living in a kind of defense and fear and not in their true power.

Many are scared of each other so “act” pretend to be strong, Funnily though, when you see a human in their true animalistic power you feel respect for them and not fear of them, it is when a person is an unknown quantity, when they are not standing in their own power that we can feel afraid of them.

To add that we are conditioned at an early age to almost completely drown out the voice and power of our inner animal which is a source of strength and personal power. Right and wrong thinking, don’t be angry your making mummy upset, the Christian way of guilt, judgments and self-sacrifice. All creates further splits within us that block otherwise healthy energy from flowing through and releasing from within us.

The yin and the yang, all needs to be balanced within us the only unhealthy thing about anger which I see as mostly squashed up compacted tears, is that if you hold onto anger you’ll probably create some kind of problem within your body or find that you are met with the same anger repeating life experience or reactance from others around you, teaching you to heal and let it go.

The way of society now has deluded us with constant distraction from our own intuition and an ever more feeling we are powerless, yet within lies the knowing and knowledge that we are more powerful beyond our biggest dreams!

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