It’s interesting how often our beliefs and ideas about reality are shaped by our early upbringing yet we believe those views stemmed from our own knowing, and perhaps sometimes it does, but often we are even willing to fight for things that were deeply engrained in our psyche at an early age.

I would suspect the amount of people who still unknowingly carry their parents voice as adults and act in the way they did is massive. and of course if the quality is positive to your souls evolution then cool. but if it unknowingly is causing you to remain stunted then surely we could say its a wise thing to understand how your reality has been shaped so that you can learn to be yourself rather than a mirror of what you thought you had to be as a child.

The strange thing is so many people as adults will say Im an adult now and i make my own choices. without actually realizing just how many of their actions and choices in life are actually unconscious, how often the desires and wishes for fulfillment in life are based on old programming from events that are long gone.
and those people/perhaps all of us at some time. will tell you not to look at the past but be totally caught in the conditioning of their own past them selves!

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