Can you not see that this child is a manifestation of god ? a perfect expression of divine love ? yet you call this child a child and you as a wounded adult who’s child you threw away to become acceptable in your society now project your own hurt and dysfunctional adulthood onto. you see this being as someone who has to grow and learn to be who they are. are they not already who they are ? can it be that perhaps your own adult self is just an empty reflection of all the world wanted you to be, could it be that this child is only a child because you see him as one and if you looked further you’d find yourself in his eyes ?



This beautiful dreamer and creator of creations! Did he ever go did he ever grow ? i don’t think so, and what is he doing there in the back of your subconscious mind anyway? that beautiful one who didn’t have their needs met because we had to be something we weren’t and “grow up” fit in find a slot too fast, and anyway what is this growing up thing ? growing up to what ? to me that’s a state of devolving, cutting away who you are to grow up ? nah i don’t think so.



We want to love tho and we want to see them happy all the people! we are naturaly love! we want to dance in the street when everyone else is walking with that sad adult faces, we keep inviting mum to play at the most “inappropriate times!”  in fact we are so wanting to share love we will see to it that we sacrifice and change ourselves to make others happy.



Oh if i could tell you lovely little one you don’t have to do that your very precious you don’t have to destroy yourself to make mummy happy you are the light as you are and all is needed on this planet is your light as you are!



Tell me where is the maturity in making yourself extremely depressed working in say, London hoping we will have that special job and be someone ?  Hmmmm to me doesn’t that sound familiar like that little child we left behind when we were young, still wanting to be accepted ?  can they grow up now with us if we let them ? yes Indeed!



we want to break out of the norm! we want to be seen! the whole worlds a rainbow look mummy look daddy!


one thing i do know is those children are not afraid to believe or smile or shine, they at least try to show us the gifts of love and life 🙂


I have not met anyone who is a fully functional adult even partially connected to themselves here in England yet, and I’m not putting anyone down, I’m just observing that we are a wounded race weather we like to admit it or not.We do not yet know how to accept ourselves and each other AS we are 🙂


Hold your Truth up and shine it! Big Love x

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