Letter to the Universe

Oh life in the many way’s you touch me
like all the sounds one musician could ever play!
More colors than I can ever imagine!
Am I really to understand your beauty?
I know you listen as I speak to you… Mother
I love you! and I will not fear.
If to give love is the key
there is always reason to live!
and there will be no fear.

I’ll allow my own pain, I’ll let it be,
and I’ll allow every bit of goodness left in me to shine!
Why not?!!!

You are so forgiving, so accepting,
you flow along with such grace.
Shine your light on me countless times,
and the times I fall pick me back up with your beauty.
Your language being silence but sounds I hear! All around!

With this path I tread leading me to you,
each moment teaching and reminding me of our oneness.
Oh the feelings i have felt in this life
some so amazing it seems like a miracle!

Please, when i die…

take my pain and feed it to the ones who can turn it into good,
then take my love and give it to all that need it.

I do not know your name or if you’ll get this letter..
but thank you


Ps: can you bring me a nice female 🙂
or if i meditate deep enough do you think she will come to me? lol

Letter 2

Bathed in the sunlight and feeling the love.
Called to the mountains, the highest peak,
looking down at the flowing river.
Followed it for miles wherever I am taken.  I don’t know, whatever tommorow brings is a mystery.

Oh the joy and exitement of the unknown!

Clouds of expression I am in awe; the sight of you,
your beauty, so moving like a song I never tire of,
showing me that all is moving and flowing,
constantly changing forever! Still you do not get tired?

So when I take the time to rest and admire you I know you’ll forgive me 🙂

Now I shall trust in you completely,
the thing is … I am just a man


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